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Betty of The Betz Review (Mysterious Reviews) 
Classic Revenge is a most enjoyable mystery. The delightfully drawn characters of Millie, Edna, and Trish play well off the gruff, crusty police chief, Henry. The mild-mannered detective that tries to keep the silver sleuths in line and out of trouble all the while trying to do his job investigating the murder, also keeps things light and entertaining. There's a lot of good humor in following all these characters as they determine whodunit in this impressive debut, and readers -- especially those "of a certain age" -- will definitely look forward to their next adventure.

Kay Guenther, Webdesigner, Website Solutions 
From the moment Mitzi & I connected, I knew this would be a book I would have to read. I was immediately drawn into the escapades of Millie, Edna, and Trish, as they do all they can to help defend a friend. Mitzi has a way of developing unique characters that I've never seen before and I was intrigued throughout the book. In my opinion, this is a must read.

Claudia Vargas, Associate Editor, Suspense Magazine... 
Susan Wiley’s death was considered an accident until her husband, Sam Wiley, was charged with her murder. Susan and Sam’s neighbors and close friends decide to take matters into their own hands and investigate. Trish, Edna, and Millie embark on a deadly investigation to prove Sam’s innocence and prove that Susan's death was no accident.

Crime investigation meets the Golden Girls! This book has it all, from suspense to humor to mystery. It’s a great summer read and the characters kept me laughing throughout the book. The plot was great and the girls stop at nothing to get to the truth. Kelly rolled the dice and took risks with what these elderly women say and do, and it was the perfect gamble. As has often been said, no risk, no reward . . . Kelly definitely has reward coming her way.

Chelsea Gilmore...
A riot from start to finish, Mitzi Kelly's debut novel, Classic Revenge is full of lovably wacky characters and delightful high jinx. The perfect beach book, it begs to be read while sipping a frozen drink and lounging in the sun. Ms. Kelly's Silver Sleuths" series is sure to be adored by cozy mystery fans of all ages.

Library Journal...

Light and fluffy, this series debut is sure to please cozy readers who like Frankie Y. Bailey and Norma Tadlock Johnson.

Betty of The Betz Review (Mysterious Reviews) 
Deadly Policy is a charming mystery, and Millie a most engaging "silver sleuth". Friends and family are most important to her, with the authorities — especially in the form of chief of police Henry Spinoza — around to help keep her checks in balance, as it were. Those readers "of a certain age" will relate to some of the humor included, but this delightful mystery should appeal to readers of all ages.

The Feathered Quill (Reviewer Mary Lignor) 
I again have the honor of reviewing one of the best reads in the cozy genre. Deadly Policy written by Mitzi Kelly is the second book in Ms. Kelly’s Silver Sleuths Mystery series (the first is Classic Revenge). These books have a cast of characters seldom seen in mysteries; three very feisty ladies who made their debut in Classic Revenge and are better at snooping than most of the detective’s in today’s fiction. This is a keeper!! Don’t miss it.

Words by Webb (Reviewer Jodi Webb)  
I read the first Silver Sleuth Mystery, Classic Revenge, several months ago but, if you missed book number one don’t let that stop you from diving into Deadly Policy. Although part of a series, Deadly Policy, works fine as a stand-alone read for those of you coming late to the silver sleuth party!

Half the fun of the Silver Sleuth Mystery series is watching the crazy interactions between Millie, Edna, and Trish, three women pushing 200 (if you add their ages together). Edna and Trish would be happy to just stay home but someone has to rein crazy Millie in — and keep her from getting arrested by the chief of police, shooting herself with her own shotgun or harmed by her mysterious stalker.

The entire book was light-hearted and funny which made the scary parts doubly eerie and unexpected. Perhaps the most fun of the entire book was asking myself, “Who am I most like Millie, Edna, or Trish?”
Sandy’s Spotlight (Reviewer Sandy Wolter) 

Don't mess with Millie! DEADLY POLICY by MITZI KELLY was such a fun read. This is the second book in the Silver Sleuths Mystery series.

What do you get when you have a tenacious 80 year-old bulldog of a mother, Millie Morrow, a 65 year-old timid, soft spoken, genteel woman, Edna Radcliff, and a 45 year-old woman who is the voice of reason, Trish Anderson? You get a team of women on a mission that has a combined total of 190 years of life's experience as well as laugh after laugh.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read and highly recommend it. I can only hope that I'm as spunky as these wonderful characters when I reach their age.

Kay Guenther, Webdesigner, Website Solutions

After I read Classic Revenge, I anxiously waited for Mitzi's next book, Deadly Policy. I wasn't disappointed. Everytime I picked up the book to continue my reading, I was on the edge of my seat to see what Millie would get Trish and Edna into next. Mitzi's writing style draws you into the lives of her characters so you feel they are your best friends. You live their experiences right along with them.

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