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Hammer, Nails, and Happily Ever After?

He shifted slightly, and she prepared herself for the kiss she was sure was coming. It would be explosive and earth-shattering, just as it had been before. But when after several seconds nothing happened, she raised her eyes. He was looking at her, a satisfied expression on his face. “I do value your friendship, Ginger. You’re a very special woman, and I’m glad you came into my life. I’m not particularly happy that sex won’t be a part of our relationship, but I’m glad you warned me. I don’t want to make a fool of myself by trying to seduce you when you so obviously don’t want it.” He took one of the beers from her and raised it to his mouth before placing it on the counter. “Get some rest now, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” With that parting remark, he turned and left. Ginger waited until she heard the front door close before she walked over to the table and sank into one of the chairs. Her hand was shaking as she raised it to take a drink from her beer and then placed the cold bottle against her flushed cheek. She might have to rethink this whole friendship thing.  Click here to read a sample on google play!

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Silver Sleuths Mystery Series

The Silver Sleuths Mystery Series perfectly demonstrates quirky, lovable personalities. Fall in love with Trish, Edna and Millie as you follow the ladies' adventures into danger and intrigue.

Classic Revenge is the first book in the Silver Sleuths Mystery Series. Click here to read an excerpt from Classic Revenge.

Description: The tragic accident claiming the life of Susan Wiley had been classified as just that, an accident. Then why is her husband being charged with her murder? The very thought is ludicrous. But Chief of Police Henry Espinoza doesn't agree, refusing to listen to arguments that Sam's neighbors, Trish Anderson, Edna Radcliff, and Millie Morrow present regarding his character and the relationship he had with his wife.

Angry at being dismissed so easily, the women resolve to prove Sam's innocence, not only to help their friend, but to show Henry they are not ready for a nursing home just yet. Using the experience, determination, and pigheadedness their combined ages of 193 years afford them, they rush headlong into danger and intrigue, learning something about themselves during the process. They seem to have a knack for this detective stuff!

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  Deadly Policy, A Silver Sleuths Mystery Series, by Mitzi Kelly, from Avalon BooksDeadly Policy is the second book in the Silver Sleuths Mystery Series. Click here to read an excerpt from Classic Revenge.

Description: When a sudden rash of stolen cars brings Millie Morrow’s daughter under suspicion for conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, Millie convinces her two best friends, Trish Anderson and Edna Radcliff, to help her find out who is trying to frame Michelle. Knowing the odds are against them that they will be able to discover who the thugs are, Trish and Edna nevertheless go through the motions of investigating, hoping Millie will feel productive in helping her daughter while the police do the real detective work.

But the situation becomes much more serious when a body is found in front of the insurance office Michelle works for. And even though the evidence pointing to an inside job is purely circumstantial, it could still destroy Michelle, something the ladies are determined to prevent. They’re going to have to work fast to present a different theory for the police to consider, though, since Millie has once again alienated Henry Espinoza, the chief of police. And she’s alienated someone else, too, if the suspicious incidents suddenly plaguing her are anything to go by.

Keeping Millie out of trouble while attempting to clear her daughter’s name will take every ounce of skill . . . or luck . . . the amateur sleuths possess.

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